Assistant Site Coordinator

* Greet visitors, initiate and explain intake process and use of data, review intake form and refer visitor to appropriate agency(ies), assist as necessary to make contact. Confer with Site Coordinator or Site Director, if necessary.
* Answer multi-line telephones and track all calls and walk-in clients on appropriate tracking sheet.
* Responsible for preparing and maintaining community resources, agencies’ schedules, and contact data; distribute updates to CRC staff and agencies.
* Maintain updates of weekly schedules, calendar events, user manuals and procedures located at front desk.
* Responsible for ensuring lobby has up-to-date client and community resource data available to clients.
* Responsible for computer assistance to clients on Texas Workforce Solutions workstations.
* Train and supervise on-site CRC volunteers and schedule work hours to match hours of operations.
* Input daily data into various software programs to enable current, accurate data reporting.

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